Three Most Common Disgusting Smell Coming from the AC

Replacing Furnace and AC Together

Have you noticed your AC smells something strange to your nose? In the United States, a lot of people install their air conditioning units for their comfort during the hot summer season. Now, this blog will help you identify why and what are the accurate indications if your cooling equipment is producing some kind of disgusting smells while you’re making your home chilly. This situation might even force you to hire and work with an expert here in the United States. But this is not always necessary because there are some times that you can just resolve the problem by yourself. Feel free to continue reading the following details to understand more how to get rid of an annoying smell coming from your AC unit.

1) Smell Like Exhaust Fumes

This is normal with gas-powered cooling equipment, but if the electrical cooling system already produces a smell similar to exhaust fumes, then it may be because of the leaking fluids in the engine. If you don’t have enough knowledge on how to get rid of that smell, then you better hire an expert to help you resolve it as soon as possible.

2) Smell Similar to Human Feet

Have you noticed a smell similar to human feet coming from your air conditioning? Then, it is perhaps due to your condensate drain line that breaks and clogs. That’s the reason behind why your equipment is unable to absorb all the water, which leads to a smell like human feet. If you have the courage and enough knowledge of resolving, attempting to clean, or fix the drainage line, then feel free to do so.

3) Smells Similar to Skunk

Leaking gas could be the possible cause of such skunk smells in an air-conditioned room. To get rid of that problem, you can simply seal the spot from where the gas is leaking out of your air conditioning unit.

What to Do About Your AC Unit?

Hiring an expert is the best way for you to get through to the issue as soon as possible. Our team of well-equipped and committed technicians at Equinox Air Conditioning is here and ready to assist you with any of your heating and cooling services needs. All of your HVAC repair needs will be handled by our professional excellently and quickly. Don’t wait for the problem to be more complicated! Give our team a call today and one of our accommodating representatives will surely help you further with your concerns.

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