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    Get your HVAC Systems in Excellent Condition

    An effective heating and air conditioning system can keep you comfortable on cold winter nights and hot summer days. Having issues in your HVAC system can be frustrating. But with the help of our accredited professionals, you have a worry-free stay in your home. At Equinox Air Conditioning, we offer installation, repairs, and maintenance services. Our services are even available round the clock to help. Rest assured that you get HVAC repair services whenever you have problems with your HVAC units.

    We work quickly and complete the job with integrity. Our team understands that heating and air conditioning systems are often the most valuable investment any homeowner makes. You can trust our technicians in handling your precious appliance. Whether you need repair or installation; work on a heating system or thermostats, our years of experience guarantee to result in efficient working HVAC systems. 

    Our Services

    Best Air Conditioner Service 

    At Equinox Air Conditioning, our years of experience with air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation ensures that your air conditioner works without a hitch. Don’t let those hot, sweaty summer days get you down. Our team offers the air conditioning service you need, no matter the weather. Here are some of the services we offer:

    • Air conditioning system installation
    • Air conditioning repair
    • Air conditioning service
    • Air conditioning maintenance 

    In case of a sudden HVAC emergency, we offer 24/7 emergency services. If your system malfunctions and bothers the comfort in your home, we will have one of our service technicians come out to you to solve the problem.

    Heating System & Furnace Repair Service 

    Worried about getting left in the cold? Our heating system services will keep you warm and comfy, even on the coldest winter nights. Concerned about our service? We have you covered. At Equinox Air Conditioning we offer all of these heating needs:

    • Heating installation
    • Furnace, boiler, heat pumps, and heating system repairs
    • Heating maintenance 

    Need an expert opinion on whether you need your equipment replaced? Equinox Air Conditioning will advise you for free! Contact us for dependable heating services today.


    Thermostats are often neglected in your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. While they might be small, they’re very relevant because they regulate your heater or air conditioner’s temperature. If you need any thermostat repair or thermostat replacement and installation just call Equinox Air Conditioning. 

    There are a lot of different brands of thermostats available on the market and a variety of types of thermostats that you can choose from. Below are some of the most common.

    • Digital. Digital thermostats have easy-to-read digital displays and precise temperature control.
    • Programmable. These types of thermostats are ideal for homeowners that have a consistent schedule. They can input a schedule on when to turn on or off the HVAC system.
    • Wireless. Wireless thermostats use portable remotes to manage the temperature output of your HVAC systems.

    Wi-Fi Enabled. They connect to the Internet and allow you to manipulate your HVAC system from your smartphone or computer.

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    It’s essential for us that you are satisfied with our work. Our technicians won’t leave your home until they are sure you are pleased with their work. Don’t waste any more time. Give Equinox Air Conditioning a call to schedule an appointment today.


    John K.

    The technician who visited our place for our new Air conditioner installation was highly knowledgeable, experienced and patient. He diagnosed the air conditioner and suggested a perfect place in our house where we should install the air conditioner. His services are highly recommended.

    Anette M.

    When we were facing problem with our thermostat and the problem extended so much that we need to call the professionals in the middle of the night, we were pleased to see Equinox air conditioning professionals at our place within an hour. The professionals restored the problem with our thermostat in no more than one hour. We had a positive experience with the company.

    Jim B.

    Excellent job done by the Equinox professionals. They diagnosed our AC, traced the issue and from start to finish they did a praiseworthy job. We look forward to hire your services in future.