Air Conditioner & Furnace Replacement: Is It Worth It?

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HVAC units such as our air conditioners and furnaces don’t last forever, regardless of the built or brand. If you are getting ready for AC replacement, you might be wondering if you should replace your furnace as well? Well, it really depends on your case. 

Here at Equinox Air Conditioning, we are here to provide some factors to take into consideration before replacing your HVAC units, such as your furnace and air conditioning.

Below are the frequently asked questions and professional answers when replacing your HVAC units:

How old are your heating and cooling units?

Furnaces can run for between 15 and 20 years, while air conditioners usually last for about 15 years or so. Moreover, if your heating system is more than 15 years old or more, consider replacing it alongside your air conditioner. But, if it has been installed earlier than this, you can wait.

Can your HVAC system deliver the right temperature?

When it comes to getting the right temperature, your HVAC units need to provide the proper amount of air required. Any airflow restriction can cause your HVAC system to produce poor heated and cooled air, leaving you and your family in an uncomfortable situation. That is why, if you suspect that there is something wrong with your HVAC units, hire someone professional immediately to get the right recommendation. 

What HVAC unit do you recommend?

An HVAC contractor should be able to tell you what unit size and what capacity unit will be the best fit for your home and your specific needs after reviewing your home’s current HVAC unit. 

Benefits Of Newly Installed Air Conditioner & Furnace

There are several advantages of newly installed air conditioner and furnaces, and these are the followings below:

  • Prevents You From Costly Repairs- By installing new heating and cooling units, it can save you from costly HVAC repairs. The parts and entire HVAC units will be under warranty for at least a few years when you buy and install a new system.
  • Improves Indoor Comfort- A newly installed heating and cooling system are equipped to provide better heating and cooling temperature throughout the home’s premises. The latest or newly installed system also provides the benefits of having the best temperature control, which gives homeowners better indoor comfort.
  • Increases Your HVAC System’s Efficiency- A new model of air conditioner and furnaces not only provides greater comfort, but you can also guarantee that everything will work at the highest efficiency.
  • Better Airflow- Newly installed air conditioners and furnaces are fitted with efficient speed motors, which provide improved ventilation in your house. They are also designed to run at peak performance, allowing them to clean the air continuously throughout the year without raising your energy consumption.

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