Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air: Here’s What Causes It

Warm Air

If you are concerned about your air conditioning system just because it blows warm air, then you might have the most complicated issue with your air conditioning unit. Nothing is more frustrating than to have faulty air conditioning, especially when it comes to your relaxation within your home. That is why it is significant to know what causes it and the right course of action to take in restoring it.

Here are the top causes why your AC blows warm air:

Thermostats Problems- If your air conditioning unit is blowing warm air than the usual air it provides, then one of the most common causes of why it happens is your faulty thermostats. Fortunately, this issue is the most common and the easiest to fix. If your AC is blowing warm air, there’s a possibility that it was set to heat accidentally, and if it is the reason why it happens, simply flip back your thermostats to the cooling option.

Low Refrigerants- Air conditioning refrigerants are an essential part of the unit that flows through your system that brings cooled air. If the refrigerant is low, your AC condenser will not be able to cool any air that flows through it. If your air conditioning units have low refrigerant levels, then it could be a sign of a leak or failure in your system that causes your air conditioning system to blow warm air.

Clogged Air Filters- This is one of the most common problems or causes to affect your air conditioning cooling operation. Instead of cold air, warm air comes out. Although air filters have nothing to do with the temperature, a dirty filter could be the main reason why it happens, leaving you with a dirty evaporator coil. When your evaporator coil becomes dirty, possible clogs or blockages can make your air conditioning system blow warm air.

Dirty Condenser Coil- Your air conditioning outdoor condenser coil’s function is to release any collected warm air into the environment. Even though your outdoor condenser may look tougher, the coils inside your condenser can be damaged easily or blocked by debris over time, resulting in your air conditioning system blowing warm air. If you notice that your condenser coil is dirty or full of dirt or noticeable debris, it is imperative to clean them and take them out immediately.

Loss of power or electrical problems- Our HVAC systems like our air conditioning and heating units require a lot of power or electricity. The reason why your air conditioning system is blowing warm air might be a broken circuit breaker, and it is significantly important to call for immediate help.

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