Your Trusted Service Provider To Keep Your Home Comfortable 

The Fraser-Johnston brand understands the difference between being cheap and being prudent. With products built with top-quality materials and designed for efficiency, Fraser-Johnston heating and cooling products will keep your home comfortable in any weather with models that offer performance, innovative design, and unmatched warranty assurance.

Equinox Air Conditioning provides a variety of professional heating and cooling services for homeowners and guarantees that you stay comfortable when staying indoors. Our certified team of HVAC technicians offers heating and cooling system repairs and services from regular maintenance schedules to emergency repair calls. We carry authentic spare parts for common faulty components so we can immediately carry out the repairs on the first visit. You can expect to have your heating and cooling system up and running swiftly.

Our technicians have the experience and skill in handling every make and model of your Fraser-Johnston heating and cooling units. Whether your old HVAC system stopped working or you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioner, Equinox Air Conditioning is prepared to help you. Our technicians can help you choose the perfect system that suits the specification of your home and provide a thorough installation of the unit to make sure it works without any problems. 

We provide top-quality cooling and heating systems from Fraser-Johnston brand products so that you know you’re getting the best products on the market. Additionally, we offer convenient finance options for the installation of your new air conditioners or the replacement of your current one. These financing options help you get a new cooling system for your home without the worry of how to pay it. Contact Equinox Air Conditioning today!