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    Leading HVAC Service Company in Miami

    If you live where the weather is constantly hot and sandstorms happen regularly, you rarely open the windows of your house. Spend most of your time indoors and rely heavily on air conditioning for yourself and your family. When a faulty AC or any of your heating and air conditioning systems, rely on your system units to Equinox Air Conditioning! We are the leading heating and cooling specialists in Miami.

    Equinox Air Conditioning provides customized and innovative solutions in the field of Air-Conditioning and other HVAC services you may need. We offer HVAC works including supply, installation, testing, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals who provide excellent solutions to customers for all their air-conditioning demands and other HVAC repair in Miami needs. 

    Our technicians are highly trained offering the best quality service and high standard of skills in rendering excellent HVAC services such as installation works, maintenance, and other HVAC systems you specified and required. All of our services are performed by these highly skilled and professional, licensed technicians who specialize in particular types of equipment, allowing them to create safer and productive conditions for our customers. 

    So when you happen to notice your AC units or any HVAC systems you have in your home that are not performing well or broken, call us immediately! Equinox Air Conditioning is serving in Miami and neighboring areas such as San Francisco, LA, New York, and many more.

    Call our team of professionals now! Let our team help you with all your heating and cooling needs! We will promise to give you comfort and ease inside your homes.

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