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    #1 HVAC Services in San Diego

    Best AC maintenance, repair, and installation service in San Diego, California. Equinox Air Conditioning is authorized and licensed providing quality solutions to your heating and air conditioning system problems. Rest assured that we will render professional HVAC services in San Diego with fast, efficient, and excellent service. 

    Equinox Air Conditioning has been doing air conditioning repairs and services for so long, that most of the time we might even be able to tell you directly what is the problem before we even do the inspection and check your unit. When you call our professionals, you will be confident in having us. When we visit your homes or businesses, we will do a very thorough inspection of the problem. We promise to do it right the first time. Once we are done our diagnostic, we will present to you our options on how to get it fixed. That way you can be assured that we are doing what is best for you.

    Get a FREE QUOTATION from us! Our quotes will ensure you will know exactly what the AC system will be installed, repaired, or any service you asked for. Because we want to be transparent to our customers and leave you with peace of mind. All our technicians are fully qualified and the best inline to service your needs.

    So when a faulty AC or any HVAC system you may be experiencing now, call us immediately! Equinox Air Conditioning will embrace your system’s needs promptly and efficiently. Call us Now!

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