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    Equinox Air Conditioning: Your Trusted Air Conditioning Service Specialists In Lake Success

    Equinox Air Conditioning understands how vital it is to stay warm and cozy at all times with your HVAC units. However, many homeowners and business owners alike often neglect their HVAC units, which causes it to break down. When it happens, our team of technicians here in Lake Success is here to provide you with the best assistance you need. We completely understand that each of our customers has their own unique needs, and it is for us to give them everything they require.

    We are here to provide:

    • Thermostat Installation Services
    • Thermostat Repair
    • Furnace Repair
    • Furnace Installation
    • Heating & Furnace Services
    • Heating Maintenance
    • Air Conditioning Services
    • Air Conditioning Repair
    • Air Conditioning Installation 
    • Air Conditioning Maintenance
    • Emergency HVAC Repairs


    At Equinox Air Conditioning, your safety and convenience is our top priority. We work hard to make sure that your HVAC units here in Lake Success will receive the best service it needs, and regardless of the complexity of the projects, you know that we have the means to get it all covered. Moreover, if your HVAC system needs preventive maintenance, then let the professionals of Equinox Air Conditioning do the job because we have top-quality tools and equipment to take care of it.

    For more details or to know how our team can help, please contact our customer service today!

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