Common Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To An Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are among the most expensive investments. You must use and maintain them correctly, not just to give you the total comfort you need, but also to extend their lifespan to enjoy them for longer years and reduce your monthly utility bills. They will perform to their optimal level when used correctly and properly cared for. 

Some of the common mistakes are the following:

Purchase & Installation Mistakes

  • Bought the wrong side: We recommend that you purchase an air conditioner that fits in your room or property size. As an undersized AC has to work longer and harder to cool down, and eventually increase your monthly utility bills.
  • Installed incorrectly: The AC should be installed, in a way, that the rear end is lower than the front. Most of the time, this essential requirement is neglected by the installer and results in water leakage.
  • Incorrect AC positioning: This is another common mistake made during installation. The best location of the AC in the home has a great impact on its cooling capacity and efficiency. It should be installed at a shady spot and not in direct sunlight. 

Functional Mistakes

  • Running the cooling system non-stop, 24/7:  Making your air conditioner work all day long decreases its operational efficiency in the long run. Turn off the AC when the temperature in the room becomes cool and comfortable already. And this could also help you with reducing your utility bills. 
  • Lower the temperature, faster cooling: No, this is not appropriate. Always keep the thermostat set to a temperature that is much lower than the outside room temperature.
  • Letting outside air get inside: Shut the doors and windows to seal the air leakage when the AC is cooling your room. When the room is not closed completely, the warm air outside gushes inside and makes it difficult to keep the room cool.

Maintenance-Related Mistakes

  • Poor maintenance habits: Avoiding and missing your air conditioner’s maintenance services can decrease its useful life. You should also take care of other things, like cleaning filters, removing dirt and debris from the coil, and others.
  • Calling the unprofessional service provider: Calling an unprofessional air conditioning service provider can potentially damage your unit. You can avoid this mistake when you call Equinox Air Conditioning for your heating and air conditioning services.

Equinox Air Conditioning: Your Trusted Partner Towards Total Comfort Solutions

We are proud to be the heating and cooling service contractor of choice for countless households in the area. We possess the right tools, experience, and expertise needed for the service job and in keeping your heating and air conditioning systems working efficiently at all times. With Equinox Air Conditioning, you will have the peace of mind you need knowing that you will have the best comfort you need all-year-round!

So, whenever you need reliable, efficient, and fast heating or air conditioning repair, give us a call today!

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