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    When you need heating, air conditioning, or any HVAC system services in Santee, contact our professional HVAC technicians for help at Equinox Air Conditioning. We have been serving the Santee community with nothing but the HVAC services they need, especially when it comes to HVAC repairs, installations, replacements, or maintenance services. As one of the leading HVAC service companies in the area, our reputation of being honest, reliable, and providing the utmost professionalism in the area is significant.

    We treat all of our customers in the area with full respect, and we work efficiently to resolve all of their HVAC service requests. With years of experience and extensive expertise, our technicians are known to be one of the best in the area, bringing great success and favorable advantages to the people we served in the area. So, when you need professional HVAC repairs or any other services that you can get at a fair price, turn to the professionals of Equinox Air Conditioning today!

    At Equinox Air Conditioning here in Santee, you can rely on us for safe repairs, long-lasting HVAC units, and better home comfort. Our team of HVAC technicians has all the means to get you covered, and regardless of the complexity of your requests, expect favorable results afterward. Take the first step for more efficient and more durable HVAC units within your homes or businesses today!

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    HVAC is required in almost all existing facilities in Santee

    Residential sector
    Industrial and manufacturing buildings
    Government facilities;
    Hospitals and clinics;
    Public facilities – hotels, shopping centers, kitchens and restaurant halls;

    Depending on where you plan to install ventilation equipment, choose different types. Here are examples of just a few of them: 

    natural and Mechanical (forced) – in residential buildings;
    exhaust – in the form of hoods in kitchens and bathrooms;
    ductless – in apartments, houses and their separate rooms;
    ducted – in large buildings with a large number of people (offices and shopping centers), as well as in rooms with special requirements to air cleaning and maintaining the required temperature (hospitals, warehouses, kitchens of restaurants).

    The causes of failure of climatic equipment associated with natural wear and tear parts, violation of the rules of installation and operation of units.

    Our specialists can repair the following types of HVAC problems in Santee

    idling without cooling (heating)
    oil leakage; 
    condensate formation on the indoor unit;
    contamination of filters;
    unusual noise during system operation;
    unit does not turn on
    unit does not turn off;
    freon leakage or deficiency;
    clogged drainage system.

    List of HVAC in Santee repair jobs:

    Inspect the unit’s case and external parts for mechanical damage; 
    Checking the power supply voltage;
    Checking the condition of electrical wiring, insulation, and grounding;
    Diagnosis of all modes of operation of the equipment;
    Check the condition of important components – radiator, evaporator, condenser;
    Diagnostics of drainage system;
    Monitoring of the refrigerant level;
    Measuring the parameters of the climate equipment.

    Additional work when installing HVAC in Santee

    Removal and re-installation
    Air conditioner indoor unit installation 
    Installation of outdoor unit of air conditioner
    Freon line with communication and drainage routing
    Brazing refrigerant circuit
    Cable duct with laying drainage
    Installation of power cable (open, under the ceiling and in the chink)
    Drainage in the monolith, cinder block for trunking, drainage
    Additional hole in the main wall
    Installing the drain trap
    Installing the drain pump
    Filling the air conditioner with freon
    Canopy installation
    Mountain climber service
    Preventive cleaning of air conditioners (disassembly of the indoor unit and cleaning the steam generator with special agents, cleaning the drain line,
    cleaning of outdoor unit by high-pressure washer)
    High-rise works